Twenty Arrest Warrants Executed

Between Saturday, February 5th, 2022 and Wednesday, March 9th, 2022, Hanover Police executed twenty arrest warrants. The first person arrested was a 37-year-old West Grey man while the second person arrested was a 35-year-old Owen Sound man. The third person arrested was a 31-year-old Hanover woman while the fourth was a 32-year-old Lambton Shores man. The fifth person arrested was a 42-year-old Hanover woman while the sixth was a 21-year-old Hanover man. The seventh was a 46-year-old Hanover man while the eighth was a 51-year-old Hanvoer man. The ninth arrested person was a 42-year-old Hanover man while the tenth was a 22-year-old Hanover man. The eleventh was a 36-year-old Hanover woman while the twelve was a 34-year-old Hanover man. The thirteenth person arrested was a 29-year-old Wingham man while the fourteenth was a 38-year-old Hanover man. The fifteenth was a 46-year-old London woman while the sixteenth was a 31-year-old man of no fixed address. The seventeenth person taken into custody was a 28-year-old Hanover man while the eighteenth person arrested was a 48-year-old Hanover man. The nineteenth person arrested was a 39-year-old Hanover man while the twentieth was a 42-year-old Hanover woman. All were wanted for offences committed within the Town of Hanover and local area and have upcoming court dates. Hanover Police would like to thank the OPP for their assistance in getting a couple of the people into custody.