Ten Arrest Warrants Executed

Between Saturday, February 4th and Monday, February 21st, 2023, Hanover Police executed 10 arrest warrants. The first person arrested was a 33-year-old Hanover woman while the second person arrested was a 37-year-old Chesley man. The third person arrested was a 31-year-old woman of NFA while the fourth was a 39-year-old Hanover woman. The fifth person arrested was a 33-year-old Hanover man while the sixth was a 36-year-old Chatsworth woman. The seventh person taken into custody was a 24-year-old Wellington County woman while the eighth was a 53-year-old Hanover man. The ninth person arrested was a 32-year-old Priceville man while the tenth was a 37-year-old Hanover woman. Hanover Police would like to thank the Ontario Provincial Police and the West Grey Police for their assistance in getting a couple of the people into custody.