Crime Prevention Tip of the Week – Telephone Frauds

Hanover Police Service continues to receive calls relating to fraudulent activities in and around Hanover. Hanover Police are committed to the prevention of these offences and believe public education is a key component to that strategy. We have received several reports of the below noted frauds of late.

“Grandparent” Scam: Caller usually contacts the elderly claiming to be a government official or a family member travelling overseas. The caller requests money for some unfortunate turn of events such as arrest or injury.

Romance/Dating Scam: This fraud relies on someone initiating a relationship with another person (usually online). As the relationship matures, the scammer begins to build an elaborate story of financial hardship with hopes of receiving money from their “online partner”. When the money stops, the relationship dissolves. In most cases, the people never meet in person.

Government Worker Scam (CRA): Someone calls identifying himself or herself as a government official with Canada Revenue Agency. The caller then demands money on threat of arrest for monies owed to the government. In some cases, the caller may have some personal information about the victim to help bolster their false claims.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre online. You can also contact your local police service.