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519.364.2411 (Dispatch Centre)

519.364.4280 (Administration)

203 10th Street, Hanover

Chief Christopher R. Knoll

Chief Christopher R. Knoll

519.364.4280 ext. 103

Important Notice:

This form is not monitored outside of normal business hours. If the matter is urgent or requires police assistance/action please call 911 for emergencies or the police dispatch at 519.364.2411

HPS Members Directory

Dial our Administration line at 519-364-4280

Extension Contact Email
101 Special Constable Jaime ASHTON
102 Special Constable Jason RAHN
103 Chief Christopher R KNOLL
104 Sergeant Robert De GROOT
105 Deputy Chief George HEBBLETHWAITE
106 Constable Regan BILL
107 Constable Gordon MARTIN
108 Constable Kim HERTZBERGER
109 Constable Kelly BREEN
110 Constable Derek KING
111 Constable Crystal LAVIGNE
112 Constable Greg NOREN
113 Constable Garrett POTTER
114 Constable Ryan CABRAL
115 Constable Mark LIDDLE
116 Constable Trevor ROGERS
117 Constable Devin PERDUE
118 Constable Nathan GROTENHUIS
119 Constable Keith ROBB
101 Constable Rod Petrovic
101 Constable Shawn Brown