Police Services Board

Board Members

Chair (Community Member Appointed by Hanover Council) Don Smith
Mayor of Hanover, Vice Chair Sue Paterson
Deputy Mayor of Hanover, Council Representative Sewlyn Hicks
Provincial Government Appointment by the Lieutenant Governor in Council Peter McEwen
Provincial Government Appointment by the Lieutenant Governor in Council Charlie Pickard
Secretary Catherine McKay

Board Contact


Telephone messages for the Board can be left at the Hanover Police Station by calling 519-364-4280, Ext. 101.

Message from the Chair

As chair of the Hanover Police Services Board it is indeed my honour to introduce the new Hanover Police Service website to the Hanover community.

It is the Board’s job to ensure that the people of Hanover are provided with adequate and effective community based policing.  We as a Board regard our police as more than just adequate and effective.  We see them as a highly motivated and professional group, providing a service that continually surpasses what is deemed to be adequate.  We provide to the women and men of the Hanover Police Service the tools and resources necessary to achieve this.

We all want a safe and secure community.  We achieve this by having a police service that relies on the cooperation of the public.  The HPS service could not do its job without the help of the people of Hanover.  It has been said that true community policing is when the police are the public and the public are the police.  This is very true in Hanover.  Many of our members grew up in the area and understand the community well.  They know that the community is diverse with each interaction with the public requiring their respect, compassion and integrity.

These are not easy times for police members. We as a society call on them to wear many different hats and to make decisions, sometimes in a split second, that could have serious and long lasting implications for the people involved.  For this reason police members need to be professional, well trained and well equipped, which they are.  But they need more. They need to know that the community supports them. They need to know that we have their backs.  By using this website we hope that the community gets to know their police service.  We hope that you gain a greater understanding of the work the police do in your community.  An informed and involved community will only make the HPS better, more caring and more accountable.

Thanks for caring about the Hanover Police Service.

 Don Smith

Chair, Hanover Police Services Board

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2019 Police Service Annual Report

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2021-2023 Business Plan

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2022 Board Meeting Schedule

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Board Minutes

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Procedural By-Law

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Conflict of Interest Form

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2021 Annual Report- Form 7

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2020 Hanover Police Annual Report

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Overdose Reporting Tool

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2021 Hanover Police Annual Report