About Us

A Few Words About Us

The Hanover Police Service is committed to investigative excellence and professional community based policing that includes a full range of criminal investigations, drug investigations and traffic investigations. Our members also provide many other policing services to our community with dedicated police members in Town at all times working constantly to enhance our community safety, security and the well-being of our citizens and visitors.

Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

To provide efficient and effective community-based policing.

Professional Excellence and Accountability

We believe that we are accountable to our community, our stakeholders and each other for our professional practices that are demonstrated in our work by our appearance, conduct and attitude.

Strong Work Ethic

We believe in a consistent and strong effort by our members at every level within our organization. Our time will be productive and utilized to perform activities that promote safety and security in our community.


We work together within the Police Service and with the members of our Community to achieve goals, making use of diverse skills, abilities, roles and views.

Positive Attitude

We strive to bring positive and constructive influences to our dealings with each other and with our community.

Caring and Courteous

We believe in acting in a sensitive and compassionate way that fosters respectful relationships with each other, our stakeholders and with the people we serve.


We are honourable, trustworthy, inclusive, and strive to do what is right in a respectful and transparent way.

Chief’s Message

I would like to welcome you to the new Hanover Police Service’s website.  You will find links and other information such as our services, crime prevention strategies, Police Board information, online reporting options and other resources that will help you stay informed and connected with our Police Service.

Our Service’s members are focused and driven to provide our community with the highest quality of policing to ensure safe and secure spaces for everyone to enjoy.  We pride ourselves with consistently delivering community based, Hanover focused policing services; while constantly striving to strengthen and foster relationships with our residents, visitors, business owners, community organizations, our Police Services Board, Town Council and others.  Together, we can identify community issues, concerns and emerging trends while working as one team to find catered solutions and the best path forward for our Town.

My promise to you is that our members will continue to serve with professionalism, integrity and accountability, as our predecessors have done since the formation of the Hanover Police Service in the 1930’s.  We will remain focused, responsible and work with purpose while keeping our eyes clearly on our Service’s mission.  As our organizational history has demonstrated, we will continue to evolve to meet the challenges and demands of today through our commitment to continuous learning and ongoing improvements, so that tomorrow our community remains safe, secure and healthy.

Thank you for exploring our website as we hope this site becomes your direct source of information about us.

We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to the future.


Kindest Regards,


Our Team

The Hanover Police Service has 15 police officers, that includes Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, Sergeant and 12 Constables. In addition to the 15 full-time police officers the Service also has 4 part-time Constables to assist with general uniform and patrol duties. The Service also employs administration staff that includes one full-time Special Constable and two part-time Special Constables who provide operational and administrative support services.

Bike Patrol

consists of 6 members who completed the training course for the bike unit.

The officers patrol the Town of Hanover with extra focus on the downtown core and community trails. The Service acquired new police bikes, the associated equipment and provided training. The expense of setting up this new service was reduced through donations from the Hanover Lions Club, the Hanover New Car Dealers Association and Heinz Autobody. In addition, Canadian Tire Corporation donated bike helmets, gloves and other accessories.


In 1849, pioneer Abraham Buck and his family established a farm and tavern on the Saugeen River in the region of modern-day Hanover.[4][5]Many settlers, most originally German, arrived to the area; a townsite was laid out by 1855. It was earlier called Buck’s Crossing and then Adamstown, but was renamed Hanover.

Share Your History

Do you have any historical photos of the Hanover Police Service? Help share in our history. You can send your pictures, along with a description, era, location to us.



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