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Hanover Police provide a range of services to protect the community.  Law enforcement to initiatives involving local organizations, businesses and community support groups ensures the peace, safety and well-being is upheld for the
Town of Hanover.

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Police Record Checks

A police record check is a search of police database records about an individual. These checks are often used as part of a screening process for employment or volunteering. 

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Road Safety Initiatives

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of collisions on our roadways. Research shows you are four times more likely to be involved in a collision if you are using a cell phone.

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Victim Services

We provide assistance to victims of crime & tragic circumstance, develop partnerships designed to support victims, and educate & promote awareness regarding victimization.

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Common Questions

Please consult some of our frequently asked questions before calling. Your answers may be here already.

What is a police record check?

A police record check contains information the police have on file pertaining to an individual – or confirmation that a search reveals no such information. Depending on the level of check this may include, but is not limited to, a record of convictions for criminal offences across Canada, outstanding charges before the courts, current judicial orders that are in effect (such as peace bonds, prohibitions or probation orders). Some people have absolutely no such information, while others may have some or all of these categories.

In releasing information, the police take no position on the suitability of the applicant, and will not offer any comment or opinion. It is entirely at the discretion of the employer as to whether or not the applicant may be considered for the position.

What kind of police check do I need?

The agency or employer should inform you which type of check you require, based on the position for which you are applying. Please note that Vulnerable Sector (VS) checks can only be conducted in very specific circumstances where the nature of the position qualifies for this level of check. If you believe you need a Police Vulnerable Sector Check, you will be required to provide the police with the following information:

A description of the position
The name of the organization to which you are applying
Details regarding the children or vulnerable persons with whom you will have contact

The police service will use this information to determine if the position meets the legal requirements to conduct a Vulnerable Sector check. If the position does not meet the requirements of the Criminal Records Act for a VS check, it will not be processed. It is illegal for a police service to conduct a Police Vulnerable Sector Check if it does not qualify.

The main requirement for a Police Vulnerable Sector Check is where the applicant will be working in a position of trust or authority towards vulnerable persons. This is created when and individual’s relationship with someone else has any of the following characteristics:

Decision-making power
Unsupervised access
Closeness inherent in the relationship
Personal nature of the activity itself

A ‘vulnerable person’ is generally defined as children (under 18 years), the elderly, or any person who, by nature of a physical, emotional or psychological condition, is dependent on other persons for care and assistance with day-to-day living.

Someone working in an environment where they may have passing or incidental contact with vulnerable persons – such as a receptionist, maintenance worker, kitchen worker or in an administrative role – would not usually qualify for a Police Vulnerable Sector Check.

Public Safety Canada offers valuable information to assist agencies and employers on hiring employees and volunteers, including guidance on which level of police check is most appropriate based on the position, and how to determine screening requirements. Their 2012 Screening Handbook is an excellent resource and reference document, can be found at: http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/rsrcs/pblctns/scrnng-hndbk/index-eng.aspx

My neighbour is smoking cannabis in their yard, and my kids are being exposed to the smoke, what can I do?

You are encouraged to share your concerns with your neighbours so that the matter can be resolved between both parties. If appropriate, a third party mediator could be retained to assist in the resolution.

Such a scenario would not be considered a police matter.

Man Charged after Traffic Stop

On Saturday, August 26th, 2023, members of the Hanover Police Service conducted a traffic stop on 10th Street. After speaking with the driver police determined that their license was subject to several suspensions. The 31-year-old driver was charged under the Criminal...

Man Charged with Assault

On Friday, August 25th, 2023, Hanover Police responded to a disturbance in the 500 block of 7th Avenue. Through investigation police learned that a 23-year-old Hanover man had assaulted another person by striking them with an object. The victim did not require medical...


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